List of software tools available

Published on 4 February 2019

1- Tools to carry out an energy performance evaluation

The following software tools have been approved for regulatory calculations according to the Th-BCE 2012 method, and allow users to :

  • carry out the energy assessment required in order to calculate the building’s BEPOS rating.
  • generate output data necessary for evaluating the environmental impact in terms of energy consumption
  • create a Standardised Thermal Study Recap document (RSET) in an output format that is compatible with evaluation software for environmental performance of validated buildings (cf. Tools for evaluating environmental performance).

Some of these tools have their own dedicated interface.

Editor Software Approved for energy performance evaluation Dedicated interface Contact
BBS Slama Climawin X X
DesignBuilder CETTEG DesignBuilder X
E4tech Software SA Lesosai X X
FAUCONNET Ingénierie Visual TTH X
Graitec Innovation ArchiWIZARD X
IZUBA énergies Pleiades+Comfie,
module RT2012
Logiciels PERRENOUD U22Win RT2012
U21Win RT2012

2. Tools for evaluating environmental performance

The following software tools, each of which has participated in the oversight procedure to validate their compliance with the trial scheme’s reference framework, allow users :

  • to carry out environmental evaluations necessary for the calculation of the “Eges” and “Eges PCE” greenhouse gas emissions indicators.
  • to generate information about the operation and results of the environmental evaluation in an output format that is compatible with the trial scheme’s Observatory ( RSEE: Récapitulatif Standardisé Energie- Environnement (Format pdf - 13.7 kb - 04/02/2019) ).
Editor Software Site Contact
BBS Slama ClimaWin
Bionova Ltd OneClick LCA
IZUBA énergies novaEQUER
Logiciels PERRENOUD ThermACV
Bastide Bondoux Béa
Graitec Innovation ArchiWIZARD
Combo Solutions Vizcab

Indication of anomalies, remarks or other queries regarding the use of the software tools should be directed to the software editors, whose contact details are provided below.

This list will be updated periodically as part of the ongoing support procedure and financial analysis of software tools provided by voluntary editors. Any editor wishing to feature on this list should refer to the procedure outlined above.