Role of Partner Organisations

As a whole, the trial scheme is co-directed by the government and the Executive Council for Construction and Energy Efficiency (French: CSCEE).

The trial scheme will be overseen by three committees:

  • a Trial Scheme Steering Committee (CoPIL),
  • a Committee for Technical Monitoring and Support during the Trial Scheme (CoTec),
  • a Committee of Trial Participants.
Convention d'engagement

Trial Scheme Steering Committee (CoPIL)

The CoPIL is the trial scheme’s strategic steering committee.

Scope of practice:
  • determining the structural orientations of the evaluation method, as well as target performance levels,
  • smooth running and assessment of the trial scheme.
  • direct and promote the trial scheme,
  • establish a framework for communications efforts and support for operators and local regions,
  • carry out oversight of operators who are voluntary participants in the scheme,
  • select publicly-funded studies to be scheduled in order to make best use of feedback from the trial, particularly using data extracted from the Building Environmental Performance Database (BPEB),
  • validate any future changes made to the assessment methods and performance level targets based on feedback from the trial scheme.

The CoPIL is co-presided by the French government and the President of the Executive Council for Construction and Energy Efficiency (CSCEE), or their representative.

The CoPIL is made up of members from the following bodies:





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The Committee for Technical Monitoring and Support during the trial scheme (CoTec)

  • Oversee the implementation of communication and support measures delivered via the website, and voluntary actions carried out by parties involved,
  • Provide the government, the ADEME and the CSTB with suggestions regarding the architecture of the BPEB,
  • Provide the CoPIL with reports examining the feedback provided by operators involved in the trial scheme and their methods,
  • Make suggestions to the CoPIL regarding development of the reference framework (calculation methods and target values) with a view to the preparation of future legislation on the subject,
  • Identify any difficulties encountered in the roll-out of the scheme (education, communication), and initiate solutions under the authorisation of the steering committee,
  • Make suggestions to the CoPIL regarding studies to be carried out for the trial scheme, particularly based on the information gathered in the BPEB but also on feedback from participants.




The Working Groups (Groupes de Travail, or GT) for each subject area, created as part of the Environmental Performance of New Buildings initiative, work to support the CoTec (upon its request).

Committee for Trial Participants

As part of the Environmental Performance of New Buildings initiative, launched in April 2015, a wider body was established in order to provide information to all stakeholders affected by the state of progress of the building works involved in the scheme.

The trial scheme constitutes a new step in the preparation of future environmental legislation for the building sector.

A committee has been established to represent the parties involved in the scheme, made up of operators from the sector with a stake in the work being undertaken. This committee is run by the DHUP, which will provide presentations on the scheme’s progress.