Focus: Energy Performance

Objectives: promoting positive energy buildings

Taking efforts further
France’s current legislation on energy efficiency standards (referred to as “RT2012”) allows for the nationwide roll-out of low-consumption buildings, and aims to reduce energy consumption of new buildings by two thirds compared to previous regulatory requirements. Future regulations will make positive energy buildings, or “BEPOS”, the new nationwide norm.
As well as being more energy-efficient and using systems with better energy performance, these buildings will also lean heavily towards the use of renewable energies.
Developing the use of renewable energy in buildings:
Positive energy buildings will contribute to the roll-out of renewable heating and energy recovery systems (solar thermal, aero/geo-thermal, biomass), as well as the production of renewable electricity (solar panels, wind, cogeneration, etc.).
Involving local regions and promoting collective initiatives
Local regions and districts have an active and central role to play in the development of local energy policies, enabling property developers to optimise their building projects by capitalising on the area’s energy assets and the technical solutions offered by the local construction sector. These local authorities will support the roll-out of systems to produce renewable heat and electricity, via energy-positive districts or energy-positive regions.


The improvements in building energy performance being targeted by current (RT 2012) and future regulations are based on a progressive process:

  • reducing energy demand and improving efficiency of energy systems in order to limit consumption per building;
  • turning to renewable energy sources in order to reduce non-renewable consumption and contribute to the development of a more diversified energy market.

The method is based on three key indicators:


indicator representing energy needs in terms of heating, cooling and artificial lighting


indicator representing energy consumption due to heating, cooling, artificial lighting and ventilation, as well as accessory sources.

BEPOS Rating

a new indicator referring to the energy consumed by all sources associated with the building
This indicator is established based on all equipment and devices used by the building, and distinguishes between renewable and non-renewable energy.


Vous avez dit “BEPOS”?
Positive Energy Buildings (referred to as “BEPOS” in French) aim to reduce their consumption of non-renewable energy via high-performance building methods and systems;

  • they employ renewable sources of heating and electricity.
  • the contribute to local production of renewable electricity.

BEPOS Buildings:

BEPOS Buildings