Focus: Economic Evaluation


Preparing to draft future legislation
The economic evaluation is an essential component of the trial scheme, as it measures the costs of various technical choices made by the property developer in order to achieve various levels of energy and carbon performance. As such, this aspect of the scheme will allow us to prepare future environmental regulations for new buildings with all the relevant information at hand.
Full transparency in determining the financial burden undertaken by property developers
The economic evaluation, compiled via a cross-referenced statistical analysis of three components (energy, carbon and costs), will allow us to determine and explain the financial cost to the property developer of achieving the energy and environmental performances observed.


The method is based on a project evaluation, taking into account the costs incurred by the technical choices affecting the building’s environmental and energy performance ratings. For this purpose, the depth of information available in the database will be essential to the reliability of analyses carried out.

The compilation of these elements, in addition to energy and environmental characteristics, will in time enable us to create reliable economic assessments of the financial means implemented to achieve various performance levels.

A number of different indicators are measured:

  • investment cost,
  • all costs associated with the building’s use phase (concept of “global cost”)

The main conditions for a successful economic evaluation are as follows: reliability, completeness, facility of input and data confidentiality. The framework for data feedback, defined and shared with property developers’ representatives, will meet these criteria for success. The reliability and completeness of data are the developer’s responsibility. Support services will be provided in order to facilitate recovery and input of economic data in the Observatory.

Data confidentiality is assured via highly restricted access; only the administration may consult the economic data stored, except where the developer has stipulated otherwise.

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