Published on 25 January 2019 (updated on 5 February 2019)

In line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement, France has engaged the support of the construction sector to help achieve an unprecedented ambition: producing positive energy buildings with low carbon footprints via a collective and shared approach.

France has placed the construction sector at the heart of its strategy to combat climate change. The building sector accounts for 45% of national energy consumption, and over 25% of greenhouse gas emissions. By 2018, the French Energy Transition for Green Growth Act will allow for the implementation of an ambitious environmental standard for new buildings.

Already, the French government, economic stakeholders and associations are working together to prepare to meet these objectives, and contribute to the fight against climate change through two major orientations regarding new buildings:

  • nationwide roll-out of positive energy buildings;
  • widespread construction of buildings which are low-carbon emitting throughout the duration of their life cycles, from design through to demolition.

In order to ensure that future environmental legislation for new builds is designed on a shared and pragmatic basis, a nationwide trial scheme is being launched in order to test the scope of these new ambitions and answer feasibility questions using full-scale examples.

The construction sector at the heart of energy transition

25% of CO2 emissions
are due to buildings’ energy consumption when in use

44% of energy consumed
originates in the construction sector (transport: 31.3% )

75,000 jobs
could be created in the building sector thanks to an acceleration in energy renovation

A transition that’s already under way: 400 positive energy areas
benefiting from €750 million in funding over 3 years, leading to lower emissions

Launching of the Trial Scheme

On Thursday, 17 November 2016, in the presence of the French Housing Minister Emmanuelle Cosse, representatives from throughout the construction sector joined together to launch the trial phase for the construction of exemplary buildings.

Welcome remarks from Jacques Chanut, President of the French Building Federation and introduction by Christian Baffy, President of the Executive Council for Construction and Energy Efficiency.

Sustainable housing: an ambition shared with local areas in response to social expectations

Round table discussion with :

  • Jean-Marc Gremmel, Managing Director of the SA Hlm Le Toit Vosgien
  • Alain Maugard, industry expert, President of Qualibat
  • Philippe Pelletier, industry expert, President of the Plan Bâtiment Durable
  • Joël Dufour, Vice-president of UFC-Que Choisir
  • Patrick Vandromme, President of Maisons France Confort
  • Fabien Veyret, Vice-President of France Nature Environnement*
  • Louis Ziz, Managing Director of Onyx Promotion Immobilière

Experimenting for success in future legislation: mobilising a willing and responsible construction sector

Round table discussion with :

  • Jacques Chanut, President of the Fédération Française du Bâtiment
  • Jean-Louis Dumont, President of the Union Sociale pour l’Habitat
  • Alexandra François-Cuxac, President of the Fédération des Promoteurs Immobiliers
  • Patrick Liebus, President of the Confédération de l’Artisanat et des Petites Entreprises du Bâtiment

Closing remarks by Emanuelle Cosse, Minister of Housing and Sustainable Habitat

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